Carmel Pantry

Due to COVID-19 and for the safety of our staff and families we support, the pantry is not currently open. However, plans for re-engagement will be updated and communicated here as details become available. Please check back often. Thank you!

History of our Pantry

It is often said that the best among us are called home too soon. To so many in the Avondale and Greater Cincinnati Community, that sentiment is shared in agreement about Dr. Anita L. Brentley and her family at Carmel feels that sentiment in so many ways.

Anita tirelessly shared her energy, her voice, her compassion, talents and especially her love for “The Families” with so many in so many ways, none more important than any other but when it came to Ms. Anita’s Babies, she left no doubt that they were loved and that she would be there for them.  No one of us may ever be able to match her energy, she literally ran all over the place when working with families and for the Lord, but we will honor her work and do everything that we can to continue her mission and ministry through The Dr. Anita L. Brentley Avondale Caring Network Pantry at Carmel.

Through her 20-year career at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Anita was an integral part of the Every Child Succeeds Home Safety program and lead the project for “Assuring Smoke-free Homes”.  As she advanced her work with Every Child Succeeds, she partnered with Avondale families, volunteers, and clergy to build a supportive community through family groups and a family pantry with an emphasis on children from birth through age 5.  It was through that work that she began working with the late Rev. Clarence Wallace, who pastored Carmel for 34 years until his passing in December 2012.  Anita spent a great deal of her childhood in Avondale and was engaged in the Avondale community for decades and her work in and around Avondale through her adult life was likely born of her understanding of ‘her community’.  Anita, like Rev. Wallace, understood the importance of family and community and when the pantry was at risk of closing, Anita drew from her own resources and personally stocked the pantry.

The Dr. Anita L. Brentley Avondale Caring Network Pantry at Carmel along with local partner agencies serves families in need from all areas of Greater Cincinnati with diapers, wipes, clothing and pantry staples.

Dr. Anita L. Brentley